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CARN BREA MORRIS - Based near Redruth Carn Brea Morris are a mixed Costwold side.
CATSEYE MORRIS - Catseye are a mixed side with a unique style based on the boarder tradition. This link will take you to their Facebook page.
DEVON FOLK - publish What's Afoot magazine three time a year and support and promote folk music song and dance in Devon.
ENGLISH FOLK DANCE AND SONG SOCIEITY - The EDFSS are the premier national organisation for folk music, song and dance, providing a wide range of merchandise and a large resource archive
MORRIS FEDERATION - Tywardreath are members of this national organisation that promotes Morris dancing
PLYMOUTH CLOG - Formerly Plymouth Maids, perform a variety of clog dances both traditional north west morris and step dances from Lakeland and Lancashire.
PLYMOUTH MORRIS MEN - With a costume echoing the navel tradition of the city Plymouth Morris Men are a Costwold side.
TRIGG MORRIS - Based in Bodmin Trigg have been going for over 40 years. They are a Cotswold side with whom we have a close friendship as a number of us are also Trigg members.
WRECKERS MORRIS - Based near Callington Wreckers are a mixed border side. We usually manage to arrange to meet up with them at least once a year and always have a good time.